A Safe 5% in a month NZ dollar to USD


Recently I discussed with friends and family the value of the New Zealand when it was 74 cents to the US dollar. On my suggestion a few people converted NZ dollars into US dollars at around 74 cents as shown on my chart and custom software.

We can now see the NZ dollar has fallen nearly 5% in about a month.

To take advantage it is simply a case of exchanging your equity at a company like www.hifx.co.nz and depositing your funds in a NZ foreign currency bank account and changing it back and making a very safe 5% in a month or so because you are not using any leverage.

Let’s Trade Currencies with the Banks

It is a less known fact that about 80% of today’s currency turnover is the result of the world’s largest banks buying and selling currencies. Starting from Australia through to Singapore, Malaysia and onto London and New York it is a banks market.

However 95% of currency traders the world over still trade currencies based on traditional indicators. How’s that been working for you?

The frustration leads to forever looking for the holy grail of trading, switching and changing systems usually resulting in continued losses. Having the experience of wanting to give up and simply feeling paralyzed by technical analysis and the confusion that is may cause.

Well that was me for the best part of a decade. However I can tell if you learn how to really read price you can follow the banks and make consistent profit.

Banks are forever having to exchange currencies for international businesses, people travelling, repatriation, governments and all those partaking in any form of business overseas. Recently while travelling to Malaysia I was in shock at the bank buy rate in New Zealand, the rate I was going to get for exchanging my dollars into Malaysian ringgit. The difference between the bank buy rate and bank sell rate was about 6% so you would technically lose if you bought Malaysian ringgit and then sold it back the same day.

If you knew a way to measure and see where the bank orders are for the buying and selling of currencies could you then profit from the daily foreign exchange market? You could right you would simply buy when the banks are buying and sell when the banks are selling.

Currency exchange trading and currency rates is hard enough without knowing how to really read price. Start with trading naked. Remove all the indicators off your charts. That alone should improve your trading over time.

Do you Struggle with Trading?

Struggle with trading
Well I struggled for nearly a decade trying every system, software and indicator I could get my hands on. After thousands of hours, dollars and pain I now trade a method providing industry leading safety and returns and manage my own fund.

Have you ever had these challenges?

  1. Regularly switching strategies and then not knowing what to trade?
  2. Wanting to give up as nothing seems to work consistently?
  3. Feeling paralysed by technical analysis and the confusion it can cause?

Me too for the best part of a decade. I now educate and train traders a different way of seeing the market and in my opinion the most effective method available today no matter what the market conditions are.

Unlike most other coaches, tutors and educators my results are fully verified and I trade live in front of you while you learn and profit.